Alumni Spotlight: Nicole Schwartz ’13 ’14G

Since graduating with a master’s degree from Lehigh, Nicole Schwartz ’13 ’14G  has been living in Spain, first residing in Madrid for two years, and now Barcelona. Nicole is currently a kindergarten teacher at an international school on the beach. Since she arrived in Spain, Nicole has been very involved in Latin dance classes and … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Nicole Schwartz ’13 ’14G

Sustainability Alliance Leadership Update

We are delighted to share an exciting development regarding the Lehigh Alumni Sustainability Alliance (LASA). LASA recently made the strategic decision to transition its leadership into a more formalized structure that will allow the alliance to better utilize its volunteers and create a better engagement experience for all LASA members. The leadership committee will work … Continue reading Sustainability Alliance Leadership Update

Jessica Huertas ’94: Football, BALANCE, and BBQ

November 18, 2017, members of BALANCE and other Lehigh alumni groups enjoyed an eventful day in Bethlehem, celebrating the 153rd meeting of “The Rivalry”. For photos from Lehigh’s first-ever Lehigh-Lafayette Tailgate, click here.  The day began with an early “meet the alumni” mixer and breakfast at the Umoja House on Lower Saucon Road, where about 10 … Continue reading Jessica Huertas ’94: Football, BALANCE, and BBQ

Alumni Spotlight: Andi Howard-Rein ’11 ’12

Young Alumni Council member and self-proclaimed data nerd Andi Howard-Rein ’11 ’12 (right) graduated from Lehigh with a marketing degree in 2011 and a psychology degree in 2012. Andi recently left her job as product manager at a non-profit  to pursue a career in data analysis. When not buried in Excel spreadsheets, Andi enjoys running, … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Andi Howard-Rein ’11 ’12

Alumni Spotlight: Bryan Postelnek ’12 ’13G

Young Alumni Council member Bryan Postelnek ’12 ’13G graduated from Lehigh with a degree in bioengineering, minor in theatre, and a masters degree in technical entrepreneurship. Bryan lives in Bloomington, Indiana with his fiancee, Katie, and their dog, Abby. Bryan currently works as a product manager at Angie’s List in Indianapolis, Indiana. Bryan also plays board … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Bryan Postelnek ’12 ’13G

Elizabeth Taveras ’15: Professional Alliance Networking Reception

In September, the Lehigh Alumni Sustainability Alliance (LASA) Fall Professional Alliance Networking Reception event was held at Linderman Library as an opportunity to promote networking and mentorship. This platform also presented an opportunity for LASA to highlight goals and expectations of the alliance moving forward. After the event, I spoke with Zoe Grossman ’15 to hear her feedback. … Continue reading Elizabeth Taveras ’15: Professional Alliance Networking Reception

2017 Women of the Wall Street Council Gathering

In September, alumni and friends gathered in New York City for the Second Annual Gathering of the Women of the Wall Street Council. It was a terrific evening of networking, shared stories during an open-mic session, and remarks by guest speaker Stephanie J. Stiefel ’08P and her incredible story and connection to Lehigh.

Alumni Spotlight: Matt Raborn ’13 ’14G

Young Alumni Council member Matt Raborn ’13 ’14G graduated from Lehigh with degrees in industrial engineering and management science & engineering. Currently living in Raleigh, North Carolina, Matt indulges in a variety of experiences including taking in local sporting events, corn hole at local breweries, and engaging with the Research Triangle Community. Matt’s most recent activities … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Matt Raborn ’13 ’14G

Set Designer Colin McGurk ’06 Taps Lehigh Education

Colin McGurk ’06 explains the process and technical and artistic attributes that go into set design with the students, alumni, faculty and staff who attended the backstage tour and performance of A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder. Click here to see more photos. Traveling across the country as an associate scenic designer with the touring … Continue reading Set Designer Colin McGurk ’06 Taps Lehigh Education