Mike Hodsdon ’10: 150 Meetings, 150 Days

Today’s post is by Mike Hodsdon ’10, Executive Vice President of the Young Alumni Council


As snow drapes itself over the UC bell tower, the Young Alumni Council is looking back over a successful 2014 and looking forward to an even more important year in Lehigh’s history, its sesquicentennial celebration.  This fantastic milestone in our alma mater’s rich history means a lot to Lehigh, and the Young Alumni Council is eagerly looking forward to one of its most ambitious projects yet … and we need all of your help!

The Young Alumni Council is serving Lehigh University with a purposeful and diligent effort to connect and engage our Young Alumni, 0-20 years from graduation.  This is a goal all YAC members are passionately pursuing.  It requires going back to our roots and really understanding at a fundamental level what Young Alums are excited, concerned and passionate about when it comes to our beloved Lehigh.  We want to do that, we need to do that, and how we do that is simple: 150 meetings in 150 days.

Our team of roughly 30 council members is committing to meeting with one Lehigh alumnus each month for a cup of coffee for 150 days between the Lehigh-Lafayette meeting in NYC and Alumni Weekend in May!  If you are interested in having your voice heard by Lehigh, if you have a passion for all things Brown and White but haven’t been on campus in a while, if you are looking for ways to get reconnected, we would love to speak with you!

If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to yacambassadors@gmail.com for more information and we will connect you with the council member nearest you!

Yours in Brown and White,
The Young Alumni Council

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