150 Ways to Celebrate the 150th!

Lehigh LafToday marks 150 Days until the 150th Playing of Lehigh/Lafayette at Yankee Stadium! Time to start the countdown! In honor of this auspicious day, I’ve compiled a list of 150 10 ways that you can celebrate – or begin to celebrate – college football’s most played rivalry!

So without further ado, Get out that old silver goblet, with Lehigh upon it, and…

  1. Start planning your 150th outfit, extra points for the most creative use of brown & white.
  2. Attend an upcoming Summer Social with other Lehigh alumni in your area, because only they really understand.
  3. Reserve your hotel room in New York City for the weekend of November 21-23.
  4. Buy a stuffed animal leopard and use it as a stress ball and/or chew toy for your dog.
  5. Take the stairs instead of the elevator everywhere you go today. It’ll make you feel like you’re a student at Lehigh again!
  6. Convince your friends you’ve discovered a delicious and highly coveted craft brew called “Natural Light”.
  7. Marching 97 alumni – bring your instrument to work and host your own personal EcoFlame.
  8.  Set a countdown on your phone to November 22 at 3pm!
  9. Attach wheels to your bed and organize a neighborhood bed-race.
  10. Go to a First Year Student Sendoff and tell the Class of 2018 all about the glories of Lehigh/Lafayette.

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