2017 Sendoffs: Westchester County, Jersey Shore, and more

The 2017 Lehigh Incoming Student Sendoffs are in full swing! Check out the photos from the recent Sendoffs in Westchester County, Michele ’90 & Fred Brettschneider, Jersey Shore, hosted by Brian Duddy ’88 ’17P & Kelley Duddy ’17P, Long Island, hosted by Linda Kagan-Horowtiz ’86 ’18P ’21P, Fairfield County, CT, hosted by Allyson & Peter Burns ’18P, and Susquehanna Valley, hosted by Glen Sponaugle ’84 & Ross Santangelo ’84.

Westchester County

Jersey Shore

Long Island

Fairfield County, CT

Susquehanna Valley

Interested in attending an upcoming Sendoff? Visit alum.lu/sendoff to find a Sendoff near you or email Adrienne Nenow.

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