About ‘The Goblet’

Get out that old silver goblet with Lehigh upon it 
And we’ll open up another keg of beer;
For we all came to college
But we didn’t come for knowledge,
So we’ll raise hell while we’re here.

Haven’t you ever woken up missing life at Lehigh? Ever miss things like reciting the alma mater with your class at the The Rally,  feasting on copious amounts of food on Chicken Finger Fridays, feeling the breeze in your face during your first bed race, and of course, enjoying yet another win against Lafayette. The list can go on with the memories made on South Mountain.

With The Goblet, created by Lehigh alumni for Lehigh alumni, we hope to help you relive many of those wonderful moments that can seem so distant now that you’re in the “Real World.” We invite all of our alumni to share their memories and make connections about Lehigh life away from the little town of Bethlehem.

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