Alumni Spotlight: Lynda Asadourian D.D.S ’13

Originally from Old Brookville, NY in Long Island, Young Alumni Council member Lynda Asadourian D.D.S ’13 is currently a pediatric dental resident at Children’s National in Washington, D.C.. This past May 2017, Lynda graduated from Columbia University School of Dental Medicine with highest honors and various awards.

Why did you decide to attend Lehigh? What were your feelings when you received your acceptance?

LA: Lehigh was originally not on my college list. The Lehigh lacrosse coach at the time was recruiting me, which is how Lehigh became on my radar. When I received my acceptance, I was very excited because Lehigh was one of the first schools I was accepted to.

Who was your favorite professor at Lehigh? Favorite course?

LA: Professor Schray was my favorite professor at Lehigh! He taught Organic Chemistry, which ended up being my favorite class. No one ever says that Orgo is easy or their favorite, but Professor Schray made the course so incredibly enjoyable. He also stood out to me because he knew the name of every single one of his students…even though there was 150+ of them.

My favorite course was Environmental Buddhism with Professor Kraft. I was pre-med at Lehigh, so taking a class that was very different from my normal course load was refreshing. I really enjoyed learning about Buddhist philosophy because I think everyone in the world needs a little Buddhism to enjoy life.

What organizations or groups were you involved in during your time at Lehigh? How did your involvement impact your Lehigh experience?

LA: I was in the Gamma Phi Beta Sorority and held various leadership positions in this house. My involvement in this sorority impacted my entire Lehigh experience because I made friends that will last me a lifetime. I was also the founder of the Peer Health Advisers. This organization impacted my Lehigh experience because I was pre-med, and I enjoyed teaching my peers about health-related topics. My brother ended up being the president of this organization eight years later!

Where was your favorite place on campus to study and/or relax?

LA: I had my own cubicle on the third floor on the left side of Fairchild-Martindale Library. I religiously studied in this exact cubicle and if someone was sitting there instead of me, I would give them the evil eye. Haha!

What is your favorite Lehigh memory as a student?

LA: My favorite memory was when I was sitting on the couch in my off-campus house with my girlfriends, and I found out that I got accepted into dental school. It truly was the best feeling to know that all my hard-work at Lehigh had paid off to get me to my dream career. All my friends were so incredibly supportive and happy for me.

How did Lehigh help shape your professional success?

LA: Lehigh shaped my professional success by allowing me to succeed academically and being a strong applicant for dental school. I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for Lehigh. Lehigh also taught me the importance of having a strong sense of community in every environment, approaching professors and asking for help, and networking with alumni.

What advice do you have for current students who are interested in your field?

LA: Take advantage of any opportunity that is thrown your way. As a student, you have so many resources that you can take advantage of, and you just need to use them! For students who are interested in dentistry, I suggest that you apply to dental school as early as you can because the application cycle is rolling admissions!

If you couldn’t work in your current profession, what area would you work in?

LA: I would be a nutritionist if I wasn’t a pediatric dentist. I always enjoyed learning about food, and I would like the act of helping individuals make good food decisions. I would also get involved in school systems and help shape their food policies because, as a pediatric dentist, I see the oral health results of children not eating healthy in school.

What is your favorite Lehigh memory as an alumna?

LA: Seeing my brother graduate from Lehigh four years after I did. This is my favorite because I am so proud of the Lehigh legacy that my family has, and also, my brother had such a positive experience at Lehigh.

How do you stay in touch with fellow alumni? What is your favorite thing to do together?

LA: For the four years after graduation, I was living in New York City. It was very easy to see fellow alumni, since a huge amount of alumni move to NYC. I would see my friends weekly, whether it be at dinner during the week, happy hours, or going out on the weekends. I recently moved to D.C. not knowing many people, and I quickly found fellow Lehigh alumni who were incredibly welcoming to me.

Whether it is through donating time or money, why do you think it is important for you to stay involved and support Lehigh?

LA: I think it is very important to stay involved and support Lehigh because of the positive experience I had there as a student. I want to make sure that the current students have the same feelings I had. Also, I think it is really important to maintain the strong alumni network that Lehigh has.

Which fan base do you enjoy teasing more: Lafayette fans or Duke fans?

LA: Duke because it was such an upset! Lafayette already knows that Lehigh is better, obviously!

If you had to pick one Lehigh/Bethlehem “delicacy” to eat for the rest of your life (guilt-free), what would it be?

LA: Tapas on Main! This is hands down my favorite restaurant. Every time I am on campus, without a doubt, I have a reservation here.

What is your favorite Lehigh item that you own?

LA: My tan quarter zip-up that I have had since freshman year. There are many stains on it, but I will never get rid of it.

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