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Alumni Spotlight: Tierney Gallagher ’13 ’14G

What was your major and class year? B.A. History 2013, M.Ed. Secondary Education 2014 As an undergrad, what organizations/clubs were you involved in? Orientation Leader, PreLUsion Leader, Greek Organization Delta Gamma, Panhellenic Council, Greek Emerging Mentors, Homework Club. Why did you decide to attend Lehigh? My mother joked with me that Lehigh was the only … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Tierney Gallagher ’13 ’14G

Nutterly Delicious

The first time Adrian Silversmith ’01 saw his future wife, Casey (Wetterling) Silversmith ’01, she was participating in a date-auction for a fraternity fundraiser. Fast forward about 15 years, Adrian and Casey are married and live in Fredericksburg, VA with their two daughters, Remy and Charlotte. The couple also owns a local gourmet nut butter eatery called Sprelly. A post … Continue reading Nutterly Delicious

Alumni Spotlight: Sarah Bombard ’06 ’08G

What was your major and class year? Psychology, 2006. Secondary School Counseling, 2008. As an undergrad, what organizations/clubs were you involved in? Marching 97, tour guides, STAR tutoring, symphonic band, admissions fellows, Kappa Kappa Psi, and SAE Mini Baja. Why did you decide to attend Lehigh? I chose Lehigh because no required gym class, there … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Sarah Bombard ’06 ’08G

Students Experience a Day in the Life of Their Future Career

Click here for a list of companies and Lehigh University alumni and friends who welcomed students for a 2016-2017 winter externship experience. What can one day do? If that one day is a winter break externship experience hosted by Lehigh alumni, students can come a step closer to figuring out their futures. During the 2016-2017 … Continue reading Students Experience a Day in the Life of Their Future Career

Ariella Scalese ’14: Being a Meteorologist

Ask anyone who knows me, and they will tell you that being a meteorologist has been my dream job since 5th grade. I graduated from Lehigh with a bachelor’s in Earth and Environmental Science, and I am currently earning a certificate in Broadcast Meteorology through Mississippi State University. Recently, I accepted my second Broadcast Meteorology position … Continue reading Ariella Scalese ’14: Being a Meteorologist

Michael Bergen ’03: From MountainHawk to F-list actor

House of Cards is the wildly successful show that airs in its fourth season this week on Netflix. It’s a political drama starring Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright, and Neve Campbell that takes a look at the sordid underbelly of US politics and what it takes to ascend to power. We spoke with Michael Bergen ’03 … Continue reading Michael Bergen ’03: From MountainHawk to F-list actor

What is Lehigh’s Value Proposition?

With Lehigh embracing its 150th year on Old South Mountain, the University is entering a stage of evolution geared towards cross-disciplinary education in the arts, sciences, business, and engineering. Perhaps, for some, this may sound like a hackneyed mantra all colleges are touting. For Lehigh’s Young Alumni Council, they had a firsthand opportunity to speak … Continue reading What is Lehigh’s Value Proposition?

Lehigh entrepreneurs, it’s really happening

We’ve all heard about it at countless meetings, group discussions, and alumni events.  Lehigh is innovative. Lehigh is breaking ground. But what is Lehigh actually doing that is creating such an impact? This institution is giving students an opportunity to do something different and to make themselves known. While all other college seniors are searching for … Continue reading Lehigh entrepreneurs, it’s really happening

Lehigh’s Secrets to Student Success

gradIn the days leading up to graduation this past May, many futures were still undetermined. It’s always a struggle for recent grads to find employment within today’s job market, right? Fortunately, I have learned that within the past few months a majority of my peers have landed jobs or obtained graduate study positions. So what happened to the challenge that graduates are expected to encounter?

By the numbers, 97% of Lehigh graduates are employed or attending graduate school within just six months of graduation. Let’s compare this statistic to that of Lafayette College, where only 85% of graduates find success within six months of the job search. Although we all know Lehigh is the ubiquitously superior institution, Lafayette does indeed provide their students with a quality education, as do many other schools throughout the nation. Nationally, nearly 10% of recent college grads remain unemployed, based on findings from the Economic Policy Institute. Somehow Lehigh has found a way to beat this statistic.

Let’s explore how our alma mater manages to produce such successful graduates.

One huge contributor to this statistic is the fact that nearly 1300 undergrads participate in research at Lehigh every year. By allowing students to take part in high-level, momentous research, Lehigh is creating a system in which students acquire the tools they need to solve some of today’s toughest challenges. Students studying anything from Mechanical Engineering to Economics to Earth and Environmental Science to Biology have the opportunity to increase our understanding of the world, and to figure out ways by which we can improve it. With the help of an adviser, students learn how to identify unanswered questions, design experiments, analyze data, and overcome obstacles to achieve results that have never been obtained before.

Lehigh also boasts a 10:1 student to faculty ratio, which may also be a major contributor to generating successful students. Because classes are smaller, students have the opportunity to build strong relationships with faculty. Letters of recommendation are one of the most important components to any application, and the opportunity to get to know your professors only makes those letters more meaningful. I remain close with a few of the faculty members in the Earth and Environmental Science department, and I know that these connections can only help me in the future.

Maybe post-graduate success has no dependence on those previous numbers. Maybe the more significant contributor to success in the professional world is everything outside of academia that Lehigh offers its students: Greek life, athletics, distinguished speakers, world travel, arts and music at Zoellner, the oldest rivalry in college sports, and so much more.  Lehigh fosters an environment in which students learn to challenge each other, to be leaders, to be globally aware, to be innovative, and to have fun. In a setting like this it sounds difficult not to succeed. I owe Lehigh for providing me a foundation for success, as I am sure all of you do as well.

Why do you think Lehigh graduates are so desirable to employers?

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