Celebrate Lehigh Couples

This Valentine’s Day, help us spread the Lehigh alumni love!

For many Lehigh couples, South Mountain is where their relationship began. Whether you met during a study session for that difficult engineering 4 o’clock or at a Lehigh event after your graduation, we want to hear YOUR story. During the week of Valentine’s Day (February 14-19), we are celebrating the love between our alumni by showcasing them here on The Goblet, and one lucky couple will receive a dozen Lehigh Brown & White cookies!

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To participate in this week’s celebration of Lehigh love, send us your favorite photo of you and your significant other with your names, class years, and a caption of how the both of you met or describe a favorite Lehigh memory you’ve had together.

How to submit your photo:

The deadline for photo submissions is Sunday, February 19 at 5 p.m.. On Monday, February 20, the winner of a dozen Lehigh Brown & White cookies will be randomly selected and announced on the Lehigh Alumni Facebook page.

By submitting a photo, you agree to Lehigh sharing your photo. Submissions must be in good taste.

Lehigh Alumni Couples

Adam ’94 & Alanna ’91, ’92G
Adrian ’01 & Casey ’01
Ali ’15 & Joe ’15
Alice ’78 & Ted ’75
Alissa ’12 & Jared ’11
Amanda ’89 & Steve ’89
Andrea ’95 & Frank ’96
BethAnne ’00 & Zach ’00
Bob ’90 & Marnie ’89
Cali ’10 & Jim ’10
Christina ’07, ’08G & Chelsea ’09
David ’88 & Jessie ’89
David ’95 & Lara ’94
Dawn ’82 & Jack ’81
Elizabeth ’99 & Andy ’97
Elizabeth ’85 & Dave ‘85
Elizabeth ’00 & Garrett ’99
Gary ’72 & Jill ’76 (Cedar Crest)
Haley ’15 & Zach ’14
Hieu ’08 & Danielle ’08
Holli ’01 & Dennis ’03
Julie ’02, ’03G & Keith ’03
Katie ’00 & Chris ’99
Katie ’09, ’11G & Kevin ’10, ’11G
Katrina ’10G & Scott ’12G
Laura ’02 & Greg ’03
Linda ’84 & Michael ’83
Lisa ’90 & Craig ’92
Lisa ’99 & Jason ’99
Lucy ’01 & Steven ’01
Lynn ’90 & Charlie ’88
Lynn ’01 & Mike ’98
Maiya ’94 & Timothy ’94
Mary ’05 & Brian ’05
Mary & George ’78
Matthew ’98 & Glenna ’97
Maureen ’00 & Jim ’00
Nancy ’79 & Burt ’78
Nephellie ’96 & Seth ’96
Rebecca ’86 & Scott ’85
Steve ’90 & Stacy ’90
Suzanne ’93 & Joel ’92
Tara ’00 & Jim ’00
Terri ’96 & Tom ’96

Lucy ’01 & Steven ’01: We met our Junior year in a finance class, and we have been married for over 12 years now.

Janet ’88 & Bob ’88: We met during rehearsals for our rock ‘n’roll band …. ironically called “The Connection!” In Aug of ’87.

Hieu ’08 & Danielle ’08: This is Hieu (class of 2008), Devon, and Danielle (class of 2008). We met opening weekend freshman year; he was tired of the old “where are you from” question, so he started making things up!

Adrian ’01 & Casey ’01: Adrian first caught a glimpse of Casey during their sophomore year when Casey was part of a date-auction for a fraternity fundraiser.  About 6 months later, Adrian was invited (by a fellow swim teammate and sorority sister) to a Pi Beta Phi Hawaiian themed date party and that’s when the couple officially met.  Casey approached Adrian to say “hi” and Adrian was somewhat startled!  He thought, “How did this beautiful girl know who I was?”.  When he asked her that question, Casey responded “Because you’re the best looking guy in your fraternity!”.  Again startled, Adrian asked Casey to dance to which she said “no thanks” and walked away, leaving Adrian completely confused.

A few days go by and Adrian is at the library researching a PR case study on Dow Corning breast implants and the early negative effects it had on women.  Casey had coincidentally walked in and saw Adrian at the computer, with pictures of this case study plastered all over the computer screen.  After a semi-embarrassing and hilarious exchange, Adrian finally asked Casey to join him at his fraternity’s (Sigma Nu) bar-b-que cookout, to which she agreed.  Soon after, the couple started dating.

After graduating Lehigh in 2001, the couple moved out to California and then in September 2005, found jobs and moved to Fredericksburg, VA.  Adrian and Casey were both offered jobs at the local convention center where Adrian was the sales manager for consumer and trade shows and Casey was the Exhibit Services and Event Manager.  They married in Casey’s home state of NJ on October 1, 2005 and welcomed their first daughter Remy in 2010 and their second daughter Charlotte in 2012.

Katrina ’10G & Scott ’12G: My mother always said that choosing a university was like falling in love…”when you know, you know”.

I met my husband, Scott, ten years ago when I was a senior at Mount Union College in Alliance Ohio (you may be thinking, “wait this isn’t a Lehigh story!”)….on the DAY I was accepted to Lehigh University for graduate school. While out on our very first date, I told him  that I was very excited to get to know him, but I would be leaving for Bethlehem in August (2008). His exact words were…”how do I transfer?”. Although initially taken aback by his tenacity, “when you know, you know”, and I knew he was the one. Scott was accepted to Lafayette College as a transfer student for his senior year, and that fall, left all of his classmates and faculty behind at MUC so that we could stay together. For a while we had quite a “forbidden” love between a Leopard and a Mountain Hawk. We spent 8 beautiful years in the Lehigh Valley, living both in Easton and Bethlehem. We got married, and eventually Scott “saw the light” and completed his graduate work at Lehigh University. I too received a Masters and Doctorate, and  we have now recently moved back to Ohio, working as a project manager for Canadian Standards Association (him) and a pediatric psychologist at Akron Children’s Hospital (me). Although we have moved away from South Mountain, we are forever changed….not just because of falling in love with each other on that very special “acceptance” day, but falling in love with a community and a university. Valentine’s day in the Lindsay home is as much about Brown and White as it is about Pink and Red…when you know, you know.

Alice ’78 & Ted ’75: We met at band camp for the Marching 97 in 1974. It was the first year women actually attended band camp (women joined the 97 midway through the fall of 1973). I was a frosh and Ted was my rank leader. He taught me how to march in the 97 way and the rest was history!

Mary & George ’78: Met my love, George ’78 in the summer of ’78. I was studying in the Hahnemann program and he was starting his Master’s! We married in ’81 and we’re still havin’ fun!!

David ’95 & Lara ’94: Met my wife Lara the second week of my Freshman year in 1991. She was a sophomore and was set up with my roommate. They didn’t hit it off, but we did and got married on campus the week after graduation on May 31, 1995. 22 years, 3 kids, and many adventures later we are still best friends and adventure companions!

Jessica ’04 & Luke ’04: Luke and I met our sophomore year while doing homework at Linderman. We both graduated with our BSME in 2004. He proposed in front of Packard in November 2008 and we were married in May 2009. We are now a family of four with two beautiful daughters!

Ali ’15 & Joe ’15: I met Joe the first week of our freshman year in 2011 when we both lived on the 1st floor of M&M. A couple of months later, we started officially dating after he asked me to be his girlfriend at the South Mountain lookout, even though we were already inseparable. Our 4 years at Lehigh flew by and we both graduated in 2015. Now we are happily living in Milwaukee (after he dragged me back to his home state 😉).

Lisa ’90 & Craig ’92: I met Craig Gill in the Fall of my senior year in 1989 on the patio of Sig Ep. Craig was a sophomore who was hanging with a freshman who was rushing his fraternity. He walked up to me and my friend and said “are you girls frieshmen?” I gave him a look of derision and replied with (I’m sure) a snotty tone, “I’m a senior, she’s a junior.” We still laugh about his line today. We were very off and on and off for the next several years, until 1994 when I visited him in Germany (he was in the army stationed there) and we traveled Europe for the next two weeks. As they say, “the rest is history.” We’ve been married for almost 21 years and have three kids, and our oldest is a freshman at Lehigh! Happy Valentine’s Day, Craig. Love you!

Linda ’84 & Michael ’83: Michael and I met on the veranda of Drown Hall on August 23, 1982 at the MBA Welcome. We were married 4 years later on August 23, 1986 (my parents’ 29th anniversary). Our 3 daughters are now part of the Lehigh family too (Class of 2012, 2013, and 2020)

Tara ’00 & Jim ’00: Jim and I (Class of ’00) met Valentine’s weekend at his bid party at Sigma Chi our freshman year 1997. We both lived in Dravo and realized we had a few business classes together and played on the baseball and softball team. We married on campus at Packer Chapel June 2004. Together 20yrs, married almost 13 years with three kids. We now reside in sunny Florida. Our two boys have their sights set on careers in Engineering…

Katie ’00 & Chris ’99: Chris (’99) and I (’00) had mutual friends in college but didn’t meet until 2005 when we were both living in Denver. We married in 2009, have two kids and now live in IL.

Maureen ’00 & Jim ’00: Jim and I met in M&M our freshman year (in 1996) and have been happy together ever since. Here’s our family visiting campus a few years back.

Elizabeth ’00 & Garrett ’99: Garrett (’99) and I (’00) met at an off campus party October 14, 1996. We have been together ever since! Married on October 25 2003 in the chapel.

Gary ’72 & Jill ’76 (Cedar Crest): Of course, we who were there when women were first admitted in 1971 get to be included if their wives went to our “sister school”, Cedar Crest College. Jill, Cedar Crest ’76, and myself, Lehigh ’72 just celebrated our 40th Wedding Anniversary.

Jim ’80 & Ellen ’80: With a prompt from our daughter Emily Flanagan, Lehigh 2012, I will submit this post, and let my bride Ellen decide if she recalls “alternative facts.” We met third weekend, freshman year in 1976. We married eight years later, and have two children; one with a Lehigh diploma, the other Liam Flanagan on Campus working towards one currently.

In 2002, the four of us were in the family van driving through Campus on a Saturday morning on our way to Saucon Valley for a football game. In front of FIJI, I stopped the van, and without speaking got out, down on my knees and kissed the roadway. I returned to the vehicle, fastened my seat belt and continued on my way in silence. “What just happened” asked the voices from the back seat, to which I replied “Emily & Liam, that is the spot on this planet where I first met your Mother!”

Lynn ’90 & Charlie ’88: Charlie and I met on Valentines Day at a Lehigh Fraternity Party! Married 25 years this past November!

>Lisa ’99 & Jason ’99: Jason and I (both class of 1999) met at a band party on the hill (introduced by Jason’s awesome roommate) in 1997. We were married at the beautiful Packer Chapel in 2002!

Amanda ’89 & Steve ’89: We’ve definitely (over)shared this story before: Steve and I met in Xmas Saucon in October of ’88 while prepping for the same interview…I went back to my house (on First Terrace) and called my mom to tell her, “I met the guy I’m gonna marry.” We didn’t start dating until Feb ’89. Our first kiss was the day AFTER valentine’s day…28 years ago tomorrow!! Our 25th wedding anniversary is next month.

Matthew ’98 & Glenna ’97: Matthew ’98 and I (’97) met on the TRACS van coming home from a party on the hill. We have been married almost 14 years.

Rebecca ’86 & Scott ’85: Scott (85) and I (86) did not meet at Lehigh! We met after we had graduated through another alum when we were all living in Orlando — 30 years ago this week in fact. Married almost 26 years with 2 kids, 19 and 22 – neither of whom go/went to Lehigh, but they do both appreciate the Brown and White! (Pic from Leh/Laf watch party this year.)

Joelle ’90 & Rob ’88: Rob (’88) and I (’90) met at a Sig Ep Halloween Party. I was dressed as Pebbles, he was a Deadhead. He let me use the presidents suite to miss the lines in the girls bathroom… The rest is history….30 years later, 24 years of marriage, 2 beautiful kids and lots of great Lehigh Memories.

Elizabeth ’99 & Andy ’97: Andy (’97) drove me (’99)and a friend over the mountain on the first day of band practice. 2 weeks later we were dating. Married 17 years.

Jane ’14, ’15G & Shane ’15: Shane (’15) and I (’14, ’15G) met freshman year at a party the night after Lehigh Lafayette. Exactly 4 years later, he proposed in New York City the night after Rivalry 150! We were married in the Lehigh chapel and look back fondly on our time on South Mountain.

Suzanne ’93 & Joel ’92: When we first met, my husband Joel Rosenthal was dating a Gryphon. That didn’t last. We remained friends and started dating his senior year. We have been married for over 20 years now!

Howard ’75, ’76, ’81 & Cheryl ’76: We met at the corner of University Dr. And Quad Dr. I was sitting on the grass in front of Richards with a friend when Cheryl walked past.  I made up a story about thinking she was from South Carolina so I could talk to her (there was another girl at LU from SC) and she offered to introduce me to her since she lived in the same dorm (M&M). So I walked with her to M&M and talked.

Favorite memories, 2 am, showing up at Cheryl’s door to go get a hamburger after my band finished playing at a frat. Neither one of us drank, which was unique back then, so hamburgers and cokes were a big night out for us.

We got married in January ’77 after graduating and getting jobs (you were actually expected to go and get a job after college in those days) and we’ve been happy ever since.

Dawn ’82 & Jack ’81: We met at ALO-TLC, the commuter fraternity/sorority known as “Town House”. Jack lived in Bethlehem, while I grew up in Hellertown. After dating for 4 years, we married May 28, 1983 in Packer Memorial Chapel. After 34 years, we are still happily married, our son graduated Lehigh in 2013, and Jack is a Lehigh Trustee. Still making memories on old south mountain!

Elizabeth ’85 & Dave ’85: Dave (’85) and I (’85) met senior year when we were off-campus neighbors. We have been married for 28 years.

Holli ’01 & Dennis ’03: Dennis (’03) and I (’01) met while living in Taylor college (when it was still green!) during our Lehigh years. We started dating in 2001 and in 2006, he planned to propose to me on campus but it was a cold November day and I refused to get out of the car, so he popped the question at home. We got married in Packer Chapel in April 2006. We now live in Macungie Pa and frequently visit Lehigh for walks around campus (and Lehigh swag from the bookstore) with our two children

Laura ’02 & Greg ’03: Greg and I met while living in Dravo our freshman year in 1998! We have been married for 10 years!

David ’88 & Jessie ’89: Met Jessie on a chairlift in 1986. Still skiing all these years later. Have four great kids, one of which calls Lehigh home.

Nancy ’79 & Burt ’78: I met Burt the first week of my freshman year, in 1975. We were on and off, but got married in 1981. We have 2 wonderful children, and were happily married until he passed away Dec 31

Terri ’96 & Tom ’96: Tom (’96) and I (’96) never crossed paths at Lehigh, despite many overlaps. I was even at his off-campus house to work on a project with one of his house mates! We were both recruited to WLGore after graduation and met there. With both Lehigh and Gore in common, we started dating and never looked back! Married happily for 17 years this April. We love to come back to Lehigh with our children!

Lynn ’01 & Mike ’98: Mike (’98) and I (’01) met the first week of my freshman year in August of 1997. When he walked into the room, it was as if time stood still for a moment. I’m not sure how one can know these things at 18, but I did. We have two children, Julia (5) and Michael (2).

Jenny ’96 & Victor ’95: While we were in the same classes for 3.5 years, we never really paid much attention to each other. We needed to share a job at school that last winter break before he graduated in ’95 to take notice. Thanks to ATLSS and Lehigh for this amazing life with Victor. I finished in ’96.

Andrea ’95 & Frank ’96: Frank and I lived next door to each other, off campus, in 93. Started dating a year later and have been together for 23 years! Married for 18, with 4 daughters. So grateful for all of the amazing Lehigh memories! I graduated 95, Frank in 96.

Nephellie ’96 & Seth ’96: It all stared first day of Freshman year in English class in Drown Hall in 1992. That is where we met, and became friends never realizing that over 18 years later we would get married! We now have two beautiful daughters and a wonderful life… all thanks to Lehigh! Right, Seth? 

Maiya ’94 & Timothy ’94: Timothy (94) and I (also 94) met four years after graduating from Lehigh… in a bar… in Boston. We remembered seeing each other around campus.

Jeanine ’05 & Rich ’04: This is a pic of my husband and I at the 150th Leh/Laf game. We met in the basement of 492 Birkel Avenue in 2003. We love coming back to campus where it all started. Our two children have been to every home Leh/Laf game since birth . We have been married for 10 years this spring and are both so glad we went to LEHIGH! Rich Class of ’04, ’05, and ’13 and I am Class of ’05.

Adam ’94 & Alanna ’91 ’92G: Introduced by our mutual friend, Gary ’90. Alanna denied her attraction for several months, but my persistence won her over in time. We married in 1994 and will celebrate our 23rd anniversary in July.

Steve ’90 & Stacy ’90: Well, we met at the Tally Ho 2 weeks before graduation, 27 years ago. Part-time students 2nd semester senior year meant studying for finals at the Ho.

Bob ’90 & Marnie ’89: I met the love of my life…Marnie at the Tally Ho in December 1988. She drove me home to my fraternity that night and I never thought I would see her again after offering her a sandwich from my kitchen and from the meat slicer that the house dog just licked. Married on Lehigh Lafayette on 11-21-92. Married 24 years now. Photo of a military ball at the Hotel B, my graduation, my family now and Taylor Stadium being knocked down.

Jodi ’89 & David ’89: David and I met at a Theta Chi- Alpha Gam pledge switch in the spring of ’87. My sorority little sister, Stacy, was David’s Theta Chi little sister and she introduced us. 25 years married and going strong!

Julie ’02 ’03G & Keith ’03: We met at a party at my off campus house senior year in December of 2001 introduced by a mutual friend who worked with Keith on the Brown and White. We started dating in February of 2002. Married in 2005 and now have 2 beautiful boys.

BethAnne ’00 & Zach ’00: We met at the very beginning of freshman year in M&M dorm. We started dating at the end of sophomore year and we’re married in Packer Chapel in October 2001.

Cali ’10 & Jim ’10: My husband Jim and I are both members of the class of 2010. We first met freshman year as members of the crew team. We later reconnected at an event with other lehigh alumni and the rest was history. These are some of our engagement photos, taken on campus, which we used for our wedding invitations.

Mary ’05 & Brian ’05: My husband and I met at Lehigh on the track and field team in 2001 we were just friends in college. We didn’t reconnect again, until 10 years later in Washington DC when the connection was instant. In 2012 he proposed at Lehigh and we took these photos to celebrate our engagement. We were married in 2013 and have one son and another on the way.

Haley ’15 & Zach ’14: I was introduced to Zach at a Halloween party in 2013, through a mutual friend. I didn’t see him again until I celebrated my 21st in early January 2014. We became best friends over a few short weeks and were hanging out every day, almost always at McGradys (R.I.P.). On March 9th, 2014, while I was falling asleep in his lap after a long flight home from a spring break service trip in Uganda, he heartfully asked me to be his girlfriend. It will be 3 years together next month.

Christina ’07, ’08G & Chelsea ’09: We met in 2006 through mutual friends while hanging out in Warren Square, where I was a Gryphon.  Chelsea was friends with some of my residents, and often visited.  We started dating in the summer of 2007 and were married in the fall of 2014.  We’ve now been together for nearly 10 years and love having our shared Lehigh memories and friends as part of our life together!

Alissa ’12 & Jared ’11: Alissa and Jared met as Gryphons in Drinker House in the fall of 2009. Alissa had the third floor girls and Jared had the second floor boys- they planned a “Taco Tuesday” together for the building and it was love at first taco! Jared proposed in front of Alumni Memorial Building in 2014 and they were married in Philadelphia in the fall of 2015.

Katie ’09, ’11G & Kevin ’10, 11G: Katie and Kevin met as members of the Delta Chi Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi, and will be married in August 2018!

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  1. Chris and I first met our sophomore year at Thursday Pub night on the Hill. However it was not until our Fortran class that we became friends and then started dating. We go pinned our senior year and married 4 years after graduation.

  2. I am a member of Diamond Class; ’66 and my son Brian and my daughter in law Aimee were both in the class of ’88 but were not in the tabulation. How come?

    1. Hey, Fred. Did your son and daughter in law submit a photo/story? The couples listed are alums who connected with us on Facebook or through email for this particular project. If you have any questions, feel free to email indev@lehigh.edu.

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