Closing the Gap on the Lehigh-Lafayette Challenge

Curious about where things stand with the LL Challenge:

Lafayette’s leading 1928 to Lehigh’s 1922.

Who doesn’t love a come-from-behind victory?

While we have to wait until Saturday’s game for an official declaration of victory, let’s take a look at the current games in the Challenge.

Lafayette alumni are leading with 902 gifts to Lehigh alumni’s 799 gifts. Time to #closethatgap.

Lafayette students are ahead with 116 to our 19 gifts.

Lehigh parents are up with 277 to Lafayette’s 188.

Lehigh friends are leading with 179 to that other’s schools 82.

All GIF-ing aside, thanks to all who have supporting The Challenge so far and those of you have will be helping us close the gap as we get closer to the big game. It may be about the bragging rights, but it’s also about the impact of your gift on our alma mater — an impact that can’t be summed up in a GIF.

Well…we all knew I was going to try to, anyway.


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