Sustainability Alliance Leadership Update

We are delighted to share an exciting development regarding the Lehigh Alumni Sustainability Alliance (LASA).

LASA recently made the strategic decision to transition its leadership into a more formalized structure that will allow the alliance to better utilize its volunteers and create a better engagement experience for all LASA members. The leadership committee will work to advance the alliance’s goals for a two-year term, which started on January 1, 2018, and will end on January 1, 2020.

Here is the new LASA Leadership:

Dozie Mbonu ’92
LASA Chair
Eric Weiss ’14
LASA Events Chair
 Megan Schultz ’12
LASA Co-Chair
 Zoe Grossman ’15
LASA Membership and Communication Chair

Congratulations Dozie, Megan, Eric, and Zoe!

Want to join one of these committees? If you know of friends, classmates, or colleagues who would like to join LASA or one of these committees, please contact Zoe Grossman at or fill out this form.

As part of the leadership committee, each chair will be responsible to work with alumni, faculty and staff volunteers to tackle tasks that will grow the group’s membership and provide value to its participants.

Interested in joining LASA? Find them on LinkedIn and be sure to fill out the LASA form to be added to the internal database.

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