Did you know that there’s another win at stake on Saturday?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year …

That’s right: It’s Rivalry Week.

So while everyone is getting ready to look like this on the way to Yankee Stadium

As we prepare to secure that big win

Did you know that there’s another win at stake on Saturday?

I know.

We’re now in the fifth year of the Lehigh-Lafayette Giving Challenge. While our football teams battle it out on the field, students, alumni and friends compete for bragging rights about who can rally the most donors leading up to and during the big game. So in addition to supporting your alma mater, you can add it to the list of reasons why Lehigh > Lafayette.

Except for one problem.

Our two-year winning streak with The Challenge ended last year and the current standings are 994 – Lafayette; 673 – Lehigh.

So how can you help?

Option 1:

The spirit of The Challenge is about rallying donors to support our school. Your gift goes a long way to support incoming and current students, as well as supporting programs that were important to you during your time on Old South Mountain. Now is the perfect time to consider making your annual gift to Lehigh. Haven’t made a gift to Lehigh before? Why not start now? The Challenge is all about the number of donors, not the size of the gift. Gifts of any size help us on our quest to snag two wins on Saturday.

Option 2:

Spread the word! Share The Challenge link and encourage your friends to take part in another part of The Rivalry.

Option 3: Lose to Lafayette

You and I both know that’s just not an option.

Ready to help us secure another win? Check out http://www.llchallenge.com/ for all the ways you can submit your vote — you can give online, by phone, or through text.

For the price of a small coffee, you can help us get that much closer to leaving Yankee Stadium looking like this:

Bye, Lafayette. Better luck next year.


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