Make Thanksgiving More Meaningful

Thanksgiving is usually a peaceful day, filled with friends, family, and enough food to pop open your jeans. The holiday encourages us to take a break from our busy schedules, catch up on some quality football, and appreciate the fortunes we’re lucky enough to have. It’s also an opportunity for us to think,  not only about ourselves, but also about our place in this world.

Less than eight hours later, it seems that the peace and calm fly out the window, along with thoughtful sentiments. People storm the aisles, trample crowds, and fight over bargain deals on Black Friday. In past years, we’ve even witnessed death and injuries sustained while shopping. Described as the busiest shopping day of the year, today may be scarred with acts of greed and hostility.

Lesser known than Black Friday and Cyber Monday is Giving Tuesday, December 2, a global day committed to giving back. What matters is not how or even how much, but whom you can help. Do a good deed, and spread the word. Join a new tradition of generosity. Whether that means sending a donation to your charity of choice, volunteering with a local organization, or simply helping someone on the street. Make Thanksgiving more meaningful.

Wishing the entire Lehigh community a warm and happy Thanksgiving,

Andrea Baritz McLeod ’08

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