More Ways to Celebrate the 150th!


Can you believe it’s only 50 days until the 150th Lehigh/Lafayette Game in Yankee Stadium!? I’m back with another list of ways to celebrate & get ready for the big event. And, just as before, the list isn’t 150, or even 50 items long, but I encourage you to comment with your own suggestions – maybe we can get up to 150!

1. Buy a drink for the oldest alum you know and ask them to share their favorite Lehigh/Laf story- the more shenanigans the better.


2. Watch (or re-watch) the PBS Documentary “The Lehigh-Lafayette Legacy,” and remember, “It’s not just a game, it’s the game.”

le laf footballs

3. Grab some gear! Seriously, it’s going to be another 50 years until you can get this kind of swag again.

ACC041_medium LEH328_medium Untitled-2

4. Hang a Lehigh flag or banner in your office. Bonus points if you do this before your Lafayette coworker, with a bigger flag.


5. Upload your favorite Lehigh/Laf memories to social media and tag them #rivalry150. Make your friends jealous they didn’t go to a school with such a fun, amazing tradition.

hastag 2 fallon

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