Sara McGlocklin ’05: #NoPuckerChallenge for Marian

Our daughter, Marian, is battling Niemann-Pick Type C a.k.a Childhood Alzheimer’s disease. The disease is fatal and has no cure. It’s impossible to describe the moment when you hear that. You can give up, or you can fight. We are fighting, and so is Marian, but we need your help.

Marian is the youngest patient in the world to receive experimental treatments, and they are working! She is happy, filled with laughter, loves dancing to music, and loves her big sister, Emily. Three months ago, she couldn’t walk. Now she can. Three months ago, she was forgetting some words, now she remembers them and is learning more. But, it is not a cure.


To help raise awareness of this disease and increase funding towards promising medical research, we need a social media campaign developed by West Point graduates and military veterans to go viral.

Take the #NoPuckerChallenge by yourself or with others:

1. Grab a lemon
2. Challenge three friends or groups
3. Eat a WHOLE lemon (if you can – have fun with it)
4. Try not to pucker (but it’s ok if you do)!
5. Share, share, share on social media with #CureNPC #NoPuckerChallenge #HopeForMarian

Celebrities like Karla Souza from How To Get Away With MurderMaria Menounos from E! News, Ben Higgins from The BachelorJJ Lane from The Bachelorette, and several others are taking the #NoPuckerChallenge — how about you?

Please help save the life of one of the littlest and toughest members of the Lehigh family and take the #NoPuckerChallenge today.

With love and deep gratitude,
Sara Rubenstein McGlocklin ’05 and Paul McGlocklin

Interested in learning more about NPC research? Visit to further info about making a donation, buying a t-shirt, or check out the most recent #NoPuckerChallenge participants’ videos.

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