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The first time Adrian Silversmith ’01 saw his future wife, Casey (Wetterling) Silversmith ’01, she was participating in a date-auction for a fraternity fundraiser. Fast forward about 15 years, Adrian and Casey are married and live in Fredericksburg, VA with their two daughters, Remy and Charlotte.

The couple also owns a local gourmet nut butter eatery called Sprelly.

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In 2013,  the Silversmith family took a trip to the local frozen yogurt shop where Adrian was inspired with an idea for gourmet flavored nut butters. Just a couple of weeks later, Adrian was unexpectedly laid off from his sales job of almost eight years and it was then that he made the decision to pursue his nut butter idea — Sprelly was born.

Adrian and Casey use a depositor to fill containers with their nut butter mixtures.

Through various business competitions and events, Adrian founded Sprelly and continues to operate today. Adrian has been selling gourmet nut butters at various local farmers markets, events, and festivals. At the same time, when Casey isn’t busy devoting her time to her full-time career as Direct of Sales for an events promotions company, she is caring for the couple’s daughters and running Sprelly as well.

In April 2016, the Silversmiths opened their first brick & mortar location for Sprelly. At their first Sprelly location, Adrian makes gourmet peanut butter and jelly sandwiches/crepes, where customers can choose from a plethora of spreads to pair with different jellies.

In January 2017, Adrian won “Entrepreneur of the Year” for “exhibiting the entrepreneurial spirit that epitomizes business” for his work in the community and the founding of Sprelly. With the success they have had with the first Sprelly location, the couple is currently working on plans to expand and scale their business.

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