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Alumni Spotlight: Nicole Schwartz ’13 ’14G

Since graduating with a master’s degree from Lehigh, Nicole Schwartz ’13 ’14G  has been living in Spain, first residing in Madrid for two years, and now Barcelona. Nicole is currently a kindergarten teacher at an international school on the beach. Since she arrived in Spain, Nicole has been very involved in Latin dance classes and … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Nicole Schwartz ’13 ’14G

Alumni Spotlight: Andi Howard-Rein ’11 ’12

Young Alumni Council member and self-proclaimed data nerd Andi Howard-Rein ’11 ’12 (right) graduated from Lehigh with a marketing degree in 2011 and a psychology degree in 2012. Andi recently left her job as product manager at a non-profit  to pursue a career in data analysis. When not buried in Excel spreadsheets, Andi enjoys running, … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Andi Howard-Rein ’11 ’12

Alumni Spotlight: Bryan Postelnek ’12 ’13G

Young Alumni Council member Bryan Postelnek ’12 ’13G graduated from Lehigh with a degree in bioengineering, minor in theatre, and a masters degree in technical entrepreneurship. Bryan lives in Bloomington, Indiana with his fiancee, Katie, and their dog, Abby. Bryan currently works as a product manager at Angie’s List in Indianapolis, Indiana. Bryan also plays board … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Bryan Postelnek ’12 ’13G

Alumni Spotlight: Matt Raborn ’13 ’14G

Young Alumni Council member Matt Raborn ’13 ’14G graduated from Lehigh with degrees in industrial engineering and management science & engineering. Currently living in Raleigh, North Carolina, Matt indulges in a variety of experiences including taking in local sporting events, corn hole at local breweries, and engaging with the Research Triangle Community. Matt’s most recent activities … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Matt Raborn ’13 ’14G

Alumni Spotlight: Lynda Asadourian D.D.S ’13

Originally from Old Brookville, NY in Long Island, Young Alumni Council member Lynda Asadourian D.D.S ’13 is currently a pediatric dental resident at Children’s National in Washington, D.C.. This past May 2017, Lynda graduated from Columbia University School of Dental Medicine with highest honors and various awards. Why did you decide to attend Lehigh? What … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Lynda Asadourian D.D.S ’13

Alumni Spotlight: Rosie Roessel ’13 ’14G

Rosie Roessel ’13 ’14G, who graduated from Lehigh with a B.S. in applied mathematics and a master’s in energy systems engineering, won the hat trick — 3rd place in the 5K, 3rd place in 10K, and 1st place in the half marathon (above)— at the Runner’s World Half Marathon in Bethlehem, PA. Rosie completed the … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Rosie Roessel ’13 ’14G

Alumni Spotlight: Kerry Mallett ’15

Kerry Mallett ’15, a recent appointee to the Young Alumni Council, graduated from Lehigh with a B.A. in Journalism and Political Science and is currently a graduate student at Columbia University studying Higher and Postsecondary Education. Kerry also works at Stevens Institute of Technology as a resident director where she oversees resident assistants, plans community-wide … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Kerry Mallett ’15

Alumni Spotlight: Sarah Thomson ’13

Executive Young Alumni Council member, Sarah Thomson ’13, graduated from Lehigh with a degree in psychology and is a corporate strategy analyst at Vanguard, where she advises Vanguard senior leadership around some of largest strategic priorities of the company (e.g. market entry, divisional strategy). Sarah lives in Lansdale, PA with her fiancée Michael (getting married 10/14/17), … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Sarah Thomson ’13

Alumni Spotlight: Juan Palacio Moreno ’16 ’17G

Originally from Medellin, Colombia and a fifteen-year resident of Allentown, Pennsylvania, Young Alumni Council member Juan Palacio Moreno ’16 ’17G graduated from Lehigh with degrees in political science and is currently working for the City of San Francisco as a “San Francisco Fellow.” As a “San Francisco Fellow”, Juan is part of a one-year immersive … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Juan Palacio Moreno ’16 ’17G

Alumni Spotlight: Tierney Gallagher ’13 ’14G

Tierney Gallagher (right) is an assistant director in Lehigh’s Admissions office and works with prospective students and their families from Central/Southern NJ, South Carolina and Florida. What was your major and class year? TG: B.A. History 2013, M.Ed. Secondary Education 2014 As an undergrad, what organizations/clubs were you involved in? TG: Orientation Leader, PreLUsion Leader, Greek Organization … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Tierney Gallagher ’13 ’14G