Top 5 Things to Miss about Lehigh This Time of Year

With temperatures plummeting to degrees we thought only existed on the planet Hoth, it’s hard to remember what makes this time of year bearable. It’s certainly no longer magical, as Elsa has been arrested in some places for causing freezing temperatures, while Punxsutawney Phil is being threatened with a warrant in New Hampshire. But the bitter cold doesn’t have to bring bitter feelings. There are plenty of things to enjoy about this time of year, especially when you think back to Lehigh. So warm up with a nice mug of (spiked) hot chocolate while you reminisce with the top 5 things to miss at Lehigh this time of year.

5. Zoellner hill sledding Zoellner hill
Any other time of year that hill caused huffing and puffing and cursing and sweating as we trudged up it. But the second there was a layer of snow covering the ground, it was one of the most appreciated parts of Lehigh’s campus. With nothing but a temporarily-borrowed dining-hall tray between our butts and the snowy ground, we’d fly down the slope, hoping we’d run out of momentum before hitting the iconic statue of the Muses at the bottom. No matter how hard I try, I cannot find another hill with the caliber of sledding that the Zoellner hill provided.


4. A cappella concerts A cappella groups
NBC can have “The Sing-Off.” I’ll take concerts by The Echoes, Mels, Off the Record, and A Whole Step Up over that any day. These groups brought a sense of fun and enjoyment to
each and every concert they preformed. It was especially fun when the groups got together, as they often did in the winter. The music and entertainment in the cozy setting of Lamberton was an experience that is not easily replicated.


3. The wonders of living in a dorm Dorm living
Dorm life is something we tend to complain about as we’re experiencing it only because we don’t understand what the alternative is. Think about it: no shoveling, constant heat without the bill, no shoveling, friends right down the hall from you, and did I mention no shoveling?


2. Lehigh wrestling Lehigh wrestling
Before coming to Lehigh, I could count the number of wrestling matches I had been to on zero fingers. During my sophomore year, I went to my first Lehigh wrestling match. Naturally, it was at Rutgers. And even at this away match, the Lehigh side of the bleachers was absolutely electric with excitement. I quickly found myself standing up, yelling and cheering – for what exactly, I wasn’t sure. The Lehigh enthusiasm was so
contagious, though, I just couldn’t help myself. As I went to more matches, I learned a little more and realized that this intensity was the norm for Lehigh wrestling. When the players and fans are into what they’re doing, it makes the sport infinitely more enjoyable. I’ve come to realize that it’s hard to find this kind of excitement anywhere else.


1. Lehigh’s snow-covered campus Lehigh in the snow
Lehigh is beautiful during any season. And a fresh snowfall adds to its magic. There’s something about snow blanketing Lehigh’s old, majestic buildings and delicately sitting on the bare trees that makes time freeze. You can’t help but take in the sight. Suddenly, when you’re no longer at Lehigh trudging through the snow and ice-covered hills, you become nostalgic for this scene.

So the next time you find the bitter cold making you bitter (which will probably be tomorrow if you’re anything like me), just remember that whether at Lehigh or elsewhere, there are some good things about this time of year. Then grab your sled and set out to find your Zoellner hill. And if you happen to see Phil while you’re out, let him know New Hampshire is looking for him.

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