Volunteer Spotlight: Nicholas Anderson ’04

1. Why do you volunteer for Lehigh?
I love my alma mater, I love the people I met along the way, and seek out opportunities to reconnect with Lehigh and its alumni and volunteering in some capacity is the best way to do so.

2. What do you find rewarding about the experience?
What’s most rewarding is coming back to campus and seeing current students living the same great experiences that I had, and seeing other alumni reminiscing about their own experiences. Seeing the entire Lehigh family together is truly amazing.


3. What would you say to a potential Lehigh volunteer?
Volunteering is fun! It’s a great way to reconnect!


4. Do you have a favorite memory or moment from your volunteer experience with Lehigh that stands out?
I went to an alumni weekend planning meeting during homecoming this past year, and afterwards we went to the football game. I was standing at the football stadium with some of the people I had volunteered with in the perfect fall weather, and just felt an overwhelming pride and joy with the my alma mater and the experience of being back on campus.


5. Anything else you’d like to share about volunteering with Lehigh?
Volunteering is a fun break from the rigor of my day-to-day job. Volunteering for LU doesn’t feel like work, its fun!

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