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Ever sat in your cubicle and thought even Fairmart was better than this? Or maybe during another desk lunch had a craving for Chicken Finger Friday? Maybe you’ve been missing the longer Lehigh weekends? Haven’t you ever woken up missing life at Lehigh?  With this blog, created by Lehigh alumni for Lehigh alumni, we hope to ease some of those pangs now that you’re in the “Real World.”

Our alumni contributors are ready to share some memories and make some connections about Lehigh life away from the little town of Bethlehem.  You can expect to see Lehigh content you can’t find anywhere else.  Some of the things you can look forward to:

  • Lehigh personality quizzes – You’ve seen them flood your Facebook feeds and take over Buzzfeed.  Wouldn’t you like to test your Lehigh IQ or find out what kind of Lehigh-Laf fan you are?
  • Random Connections of the Lehigh Kind – Get ready to hear about the strangest places fellow alums have been spotted in Lehigh gear or have met other members of the Lehigh family.
  •  Mountain Hawk v. Engineer – In this point-counterpoint op-ed section, we’ll ask you to share your thoughts on some widely debated Lehigh topics. Were you a member of Club Lindy or Team Fairmart? Feel passionately about your belief in Engineer over Mountain Hawk as the mascot? This is the place to make your opinion known.
  • Lehigh DIY – Ever customized something to show your Lehigh spirit? From corn hole boards to Beirut tables, we’ll share some pictures and how-tos to share your Lehigh pride.

You can count on us to provide regular features about what alumni are up to now and share some of your favorite Lehigh memories.  We also have some student contributors who will be posting about some of current events on campus.

We encourage you to share some of your favorite Lehigh memories with us, whether it’s by volunteering to write a post or sending us an email with something to share.  Favorite Lehigh-Laf memory?  Best technique to sink last cup?  Leave us a comment – we want to hear about it!

It may not be one of the Adirondack chairs on the UC Front lawn, but pull up a seat and stay awhile.

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