Women’s Empowerment Week

This one goes out to our young alums, those who attended Lehigh while there were actual females on campus. (Although, of course, all Lehigh grads are always young at heart – I’m looking at you Class of ’43!) It is currently Women’s Empowerment Week, an entire week dedicated to the success of women on Lehigh’s campus. Lehigh’s Panhellenic Council is sponsoring events, beginning with a free zumba class (Did I mention free? Every college kid’s favorite word) and our first Panhellenic Book Club meeting highlighting the inspiring words of Sheryl Sandberg in her novel “Lean In” – Seriously, read it. Oh, and watch her TED Talk, Why we have too few women leaders. There are countless other events during the week, including but not limited to, an IDEX presentation on the “Creative Keys to Success,” an Eating Disorder Panel in the Women’s Center, and speakers Evelyn Murphy and Aaron Boe.

Personally, as a female student, I think Lehigh women have truly built a name for themselves on this campus. We are here, we are proud, and we will crush anyone in the classrooms (and on the Beruit tables.)

So, lady grads, here’s a question for you: How has Lehigh University shaped you? Has graduating from a university that, not too long ago, only admitted males hindered or helped your growth in the workplace and as a human being in general? Think about it. Let me know.

– Rachel Mayer ’15

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